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Info & Endorsements

Check out this clip by Terry Bradshaw that tells about the Sani Sport and the need for santizing your equipment.


There are currently 27 NHL teams using the Sani Sport to clean hockey equipment at their home rink or training facility:

Bert Godin - Head Equipment Manager, St-Louis Blues "I liked the machine so much I purchased two myself. When we run the team's equipment through it, they just love it and continually ask for it to be done again and again."

There are currently 14 NFL Teams using the Sani Sport to clean football equipment at their home field or training facility:

 Red Batty - Head Equipment Manager, Green Bay Packers "I have found the Sani Sport machine to be the most effective way to treat our equipment. Our players are very appreciative of this technology, as it helps keep them on the field"

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