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About Us

     I have been a sport parent for over 30 years. Both of my sons have played Football, Basketball and Hockey. My youngest son started playing hockey at the age of 3. He went on to play through high school and then to Juniors and earned a scholarship to play college hockey.

    About 5 years ago, while playing in  hockey, my son was diagnosed with MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). He had cut his elbows during a game and they had become infected from his elbow pads. During the 3 weeks of receiving different treatments, involving multiple antibiotics, he was referred to an orthopedic surgeon. He was told that if the MRSA had spread from the soft tissue to the bone, he would have to have both arms amputated above the elbow. He was very lucky that the antibiotics worked and he recovered. He went on to play in the ACHA Tournament in Conneticut. While attending that tournament, I noticed this large silver machine in the hockey shop at the rink. I ask about it and was told it was a Sani Sport Machine that sanitized hockey gear. I came home and went online and checked out the company. I decided it was a great opportunity to help other athletes. I recently purchased the machine and started
Sani Sport Solutions.

    I currently have a grandson who is playing hockey in Chippewa Falls. I had the opportunity to sanitize his gear and the best part is the fresh smell of his gear. Not only does Sani Sport sanitize the gear, it leaves it smelling fresh. The bad smell is the result of  bacteria that infest the sweaty equipment.

There are many professional athletes who have experienced MRSA. Most of the NFL and NHL teams own their own Sani Sport Machines and sanitize equipment weekly for their players.  NFL superstars were infected with various strains of staph during the 2008 season. The two best present-day quarterbacks, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, were among this group.  Brady was apparently infected while being treated for his season-ending knee injury at the start of the season. Since the initial operation on his knee, the Pro Bowler has had at least three precautionary anti-MRSA procedures done. While Brady eventually recovered, credible reports about how dangerously close he was to missing the entire 2009 season, were legit. Brady also had to receive nearly two months worth of intravenous antibiotics.  Manning required two off-season surgeries for a staph infection in fluid around his bursa sac (knee area). NBA stars such as Paul Pierce, Kenyon Martin, and Grant Hill were sidelined for considerable amounts of time. MLB players with first-hand knowledge of staph are Alex Rios, J.T Snow, and Kyle Farnsworth.  Sammy Sosa missed 16 games with MRSA in his foot

    The Sani Sport also works for sanitizing  police body armour, fire fighter's equipment and military gear. Sani Sport uses ozone to sanitize. Ozone as a cleaning agent. Ozone, also known as O3, is the free-radical form of oxygen used extensively for safely sanitizing and cleaning a wide variety of products on a commercial and industrial basis. As a cleaning agent, O3 is up to 3000 times more powerful and up to 150 times faster acting than chlorine bleach. As a result, O3 rapidly kills bacteria, fungus and other pathogens.

    My goal is to help other athletes and parents to not experience what these players and my son went thru.  If you are interested in learning more or having your equipment sanitized, contact me at 715-559-8744 or

Thanks,  Dr. Tony Pilgrim, DDS

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